“Knowing that Principle Restoration is there to resolve any disasters that may affect our properties 24/7/365 allows our business to operate smoothly at all times. Principle’s team are our go-to guys in times of emergency.”  


Ryan Gatens, UrgenCare LLC 

“Principle did an outstanding job assisting the city with estimating cost in a format suitable for insurance claims. The project required varied work schedules to assist departments with minimum disruption to services. We believe Principle understands the challenges to a municipality in operating and maintaining a government building.”


Donna Newman, Columbus Consolidated Government

Commercial Restoration


A disaster can strike at any moment, bringing business to a screeching halt. Principle’s team knows that lost time is lost revenue and potentially lost customers.  When a company’s management team is under incredible stress, is not the time to blindly search for a restoration contractor or emergency response contractor.   

Our team of technicians are an excellent resource for any professional facility manager or property owner seeking to equip their businesses’ Emergency Response Plan. This preparedness tool protects and prevents: 

  • Health and Safety of Employees and Tenants 
  • Building Owned or Operated by Company 
  • Equipment Owned or Operated by Company 
  • Interruption to Business Operations 
  • Future Public Relations 

Within hours of a disaster, we offer our resources to help get your business back to its pre-loss condition. We quickly analyze the situation and provide a professional assessment of the damage and services needed for a complete restoration. We then review the scope of services with you and your insurance adjuster in order to assure total satisfaction. 

At Principle, we work to ensure customer satisfaction on every job. We focus on keeping our commercial clients’ doors open for operation. Minimizing loss is imperative for us. With our emergency services, you can expect rapid responses, expert craftsmanship and transparent pricing.