Locally Owned


Principle prides ourselves on being a locally owned and operated business. We ensure our clients a high-quality experience and excellent local service. Our clients are our neighbors, community leaders, local heroes, and friends—They are like family to us because the communities we work in are home to us.  

It is our main priority to be trustworthy, genuine, and caring. We know a company’s values are driven by the Owners and Operators that manage it, so our values of customer service, commitment, ethics, and community service are demonstrated in every aspect of work we do. Our rich history of involvement in family owned and operated construction businesses provides us with a deep understanding of the level of support that is needed by our clients and our commitment to excellence ensures every project is completed to our clients’ utmost satisfaction. 

Leon Moody, our president and founder, explained why Principle goes beyond average construction and restoration services: “I know this other more personal side of construction. One I saw my grandfather Lon Moody, and my father Raymond Moody, offer. They cared about all those they worked with both in the company and those outside it. The relationships they formed lasted and were meaningful to all involved. This is the legacy we want to leave as well.” 

We value our clients for more than just their business. The impact our clients have on our community is vital and we appreciate each of them for the value they bring to our community. 

Thank you to our clients for supporting our locally owned business!

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