If you have no marketing efforts don’t feel like you can’t start one with what you have. As long as you have a telephone, some stationary, and the willingness to challenge your employees to get involved you can start a marketing program.
STEP ONE: You and your employees need to write down all your priority contacts. Then determine who knows them and begin utilizing the “touch system” to start managing your contacts. Divide the list so that each person has several priority contacts to manage and write down follow up dates. Download our “Contact Form” to assist your employees in writing down what they talk about when they call.
STEP TWO: Develop a list in Excel of your past projects from the past five years. Organize the list by industry type that you do. Example: Office; Industrial, etc. List project name, city/state, dollar value, owner, architect, and year completed so your employees will know something about the project when talking to prospects.
STEP THREE: Develop your “Elevator Speech”. You need to determine what the message you want your employees saying about your company. They can say it in their own way but the message should be clear. If someone asks if you build something you don’t just tell them we don’t do that. Never tell a prospect you will do anything they have to build.
STEP FOUR: Determine what it is that you are selling. I see so many companies that list many services that they don’t even understand what they are. Keep it simple. If you are a general contractor only then say we are contractors and then focus on what you do well. Tell them you are contractors who are true builders… you don’t just build what is drawn but you look for better ways to build the project and are willing to offer cost saving solutions to the owner, etc. These type skills add value to the owner.
STEP FIVE: Sign up on 4P Systems Construction Marketing Database or another database to manage this effort. You can start using 4P for as little as $99 per month and this database is written in construction language.
STEP SIX: Hire a company to develop a small brochure that displays your best work. It should begin with an About Us section and then quickly get into your projects. You will need professional photography to show well. This step is vital to being able to show what you have done. A picture if worth a thousand words.
STEP SEVEN: Hire a company to design and produce a small website that properly sells your company to the outside world. Everybody today first looks at your website to determine if the company is worth dealing with so you must have a good web presence.
Addentify can help you with this entire effort or pieces of it. Call us at 706-333-7788 to get started.

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