The smaller the company the greater the chance there is no marketing. This is the general rule but it doesn’t have to be this way. We know marketing supports business development, and business development supports operations. So what is Marketing? It is developing the overall look and feel of printed pieces such as brochures and mailers, producing RFP’s, advertising, public relations, newsletters, organizing client events, managing a client database, keeping up with employee resumes, assisting in preparing for interviews by producing visual aids such as boards or PowerPoints to name a few, and managing the company website. There are other activities a marketing coordinator may perform but these are the basics.
The job of Business Development (Sales) usually gets merged into Marketing. It involves getting new work or being a rainmaker. Generating leads, cultivating leads, and getting the company into either a select bid situations or negotiating situations is Business Development. A good business developer determines who the decision makers are and then develops a relationship with them. The most successful companies utilize some type of database to manage all the contacts they are keeping up with and the projects they are chasing. The marketing department and business developers will work together on this effort. This prevents follow ups from falling through the cracks.
So whether you work at a company that has been around a long time or a start-up, the same efforts go into getting new work. Whether you are the owner, Business Developer, or Marketing Coordinator, all roles share responsibility in making sure the company will go on.

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